Belle Fille™️ Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror

Belle Fille™️- A True Innovation That Let's You Look Your Best Anywhere You Go 

Ladies let's face it. There's nothing more important to us than having a reliable mirror with us everywhere we go. With the Belle Fille™,️ you get the luxury to see yourself in the best light and also keep your phone charged as well. Truly the best of both worlds. After you discover precisely why our product is so popular, you'll find out just how amazing this product actually works


Made from high-quality HD mirror light with temperament glass support to keep the frame in place. Allowing you to see your whole entire face in HD quality and do your make-up much more accurate and precise without worrying about any smearing or staining to your mirror after using it.


Patented light control technology used to control the light settings on the Belle Fille™️. Fully adjustable and gives you the best lighting in any settings you find yourself in.


Also can be used as a wireless charging station so you can keep your appearance up to par and your phone charged at all times. No more leaving your phone on the charger while trying to do your make-up. The Belle Fille uniquely combines both so that you can save time and the headache of dealing with a low battery.


The first thing so many people usually give for being loyal, lifelong customers is that the Belle Fille™️ gives them the convenience of a regular match with the Image quality of an iPhone. Get yours today and see just how amazing the Belle Fille™️ will work for you.





Various Light Settings- Giving you full capability to see yourself much better and clearer in any situation you may find yourself where the lights are a bit dimmer than usual. From cool white light to natural light, to even warm white light. Can use anywhere from indoors, outdoors, even at restaurants with low light settings. Belle Fille™️ will give you the perfect arrangement for lighting every single time to keep you looking fabulous


Wireless Charging- Making it easier for you to get things done without running back and forth to your charger trying to check your text messages.


HD Quality- Makes getting ready so much easier without having to squint or stare whether you got your make-up right the first time. Which means you can not only get your make-up done with less effort. It also means you get to create those perfect, pinpoint fine lines without any do-overs.


Portable- Lightweight and compact design make it a breeze to carry around in your bag without taking up a big bulk of space. Can fit in any bag with ease and easily accessible. Keeping your mirror and charger within arms reach. LITERALLY.


Highly Durable- Made from high temperament glass that it hard to shatter with a lightweight yet impact resistant back cover that is tough as nails. Ensuring that you can use this product without worrying about any breaking or shattering no time soon. So years and years from now, you will still be thanking us.