Waterfall Incense Backflow Ceramic Burner

A More Peaceful And Soothing Way To Relieve Stress


This ceramic waterfall incense burner will take your relaxation time to the next level. The soft sound from the waterfall mixed with the delicious scents of your choice makes for an amazing experience.


This ceramic burner has been carefully handcrafted from elegant ceramic. Its unique design is built to let the smoke from the incense linger behind.


Burns slow down a smoke trail that can last up to hours without burning out. Creating a more calm and soothing atmosphere to your place almost instantly



Relieves Stress - The peaceful sounds of water combined with the lovely smells of your incense, will surely help you unwind and relax. Including gentle exercises such as yoga or meditation can increase the benefits of the ceramic waterfall.


Decorative - The stylish design can fit with anyone's decor. Blends in well within any setting without disrupting or offsetting any color patterns in your home. 


Easy & Safe To Use - Simply plug in, light incense cone/ stick and enjoy. The waterfall is easy to move and can be portable if desired.