Ulti-Stone® Water Saving And Purification Showerhead

Ulti-Stone® Showerhead is filled with Mineral filtered stones that protect you from chemicals, reducing chlorine, and absorbs harmful substances, giving you the optimum cleanse and deodorization. Equipped with 3 shower modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting, you'll feel rejuvenated after each shower. 

Ulti-Stone® Shower Head has a 200% increase in water pressure while it uses 35% LESS Water as compared to the standard shower head. 

Ionic Filter Particles: The particles purify and filter your bathing water from bacteria and any peculiar smell.  Enjoy cleaner water as refreshing as natural spring water

  • Not Sold In Stores!
  • Easy To Install
  • Turbocharged Pressure: Increases water pressure up to 200%
  • Water Saving: Saves up to 35% water usage. Save more water while showering under the "Rainfall" setting, through the pinhole and throttling technology
  • Simple and Durable Design: Compatible with 99% of shower hoses in the market, Ulti-Stone® Showerhead is made with Eco-friendly recyclable materials. Ulti-Stone® Showerhead features a transparent, see-through design and a high-density filter that is easy to clean. You can use this showerhead for years. 


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