Smart Mini GPS For Pets

Know Where Your Furry friends Are At All Times


Worried about your pet getting lost? rest to assure.....With this amazing pet tracker, you can easily locate your animals and bring them home safe and sound.


Smartphone technology allows you to discover your pet's location at the click of a button. Offering you instant alerts and messages every time they relocate.


Small & durable design that easily latches on to your pet's collar without choking them and adjustable to all different collar sizes. Easy set up allows you to put this product in use almost instantly and keeps you informed of where your pets are every single second, Minute, Hour of the day 



Durable & Waterproof - Water resistant & compact build making this pet tracker nearly indestructible. Works on all breeds and all sizes. Built to last and sustain itself for years and years to come


Nationwide Location Tracking - Making it simpler and giving you a piece of mind. Know where your animals are located at all times with our pinpoint navigation systems used by our high-grade technology embedded into the tracker


Easy to use - The small and simple design allows for the track to go on any collar. This device comes in multiple colors. Animals can be tracked by simply using your phone.