Paw Washer Cup

Clean Paws = Clean Home


As much as we love our furry little friends sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to clean off their paws after they ran around in mud or any wet areas that might get their paws dirty.


With this amazing pet washer you a safer yet more effective clean for your pet's paws every time. Uniquely Built and formulated to fit to there paw and give them a deeper and precise clean.


Made with soft gentle silicone brushes that get into those hard to reach areas and brushes away all the dirt and bacteria with ease. 


Comes in different sizes fit for different size pets. Making it a breeze for you to select the right fit. No matter the size of the dog we believe in cleaning their paw.





Easy To Use- Simply put the water inside the washer, Dip your pets paw inside the washer. Gently twist back and forth and in a matter of minutes, their paws are squeaky clean and ready to run around and play again.


Easy to Wash- Easy to assemble and dis assemble. Making it a breeze for you to wash without all the extra hassle. Washer friendly and no special instructions needed. After you're done using it just simply rinse and repeat and you're back to cleaning in no time.


Safe & Effective- BPA free plastic that is a much more safer alternative for your pets and ultimately a much more effective way to clean and gently massage there paws with our soft silicone bristles that gets around those hard to reach areas and saves you the time of having to go back and check over