Motion-sensing LED Light Strip

[ Turn Your Home Into A Classical Wonderland ]

Give your home a magical touch that's sure to impress any guests, friends, and family. - Not Sold In Stores

The Motion-sensing LED Light strips are sure to impress anybody that visits your home.

Guests will be surprised as they approach the corridor, stairs, or even kitchen when the lights greet them with a warm and magical glow

Reduce Electricity Usage And Save Money

Unlike the standard LED lights that most use in their house, the Motion-sensing LED Light strips only light up when you are approaching it.

Not only does it look magical, but it also saves electricity as it will only turn on when you need it

Sleep peacefully without worrying if you turned off the lights

Whether you put these clever LED lights in your roomclosetstaircasecupboardkitchenstairs, you name it, you can easily adjust a timer for them to turn off with just the click of a button. This can be anywhere from 15 seconds all the way up to 5 minutes after no movement has been sensed.

    Specifications & How Does It Work

    • Every strip has 60 bright LED's (TWICE as much as any standard LED Strip) that light up when the PIR sensor sees your nearby movement.
    • With a sensing range of over 2 - 4 meters, you can put these lights ANYWHERE you want, even the CEILING! 
    • Available in White and Warm White, both options in 1m, 2m, and 3m in Length
    • Completely Customizable. Only need space for 2.5 meters? No worries! These lights can be cut to any length you want.  (Important to note, when cutting the LED Strips, only cut it along the lines, do not cut it anywhere else. Search "how to cut LED Strips" on YouTube for a guide)