LED Light Glove

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Working with two hands while working with a flashlight is almost impossible. And having to hold a flashlight with your mouth would just be downright silly.

The LED Light Glove comes in extremely handy for the following situations:

  • Repairing your car engine, especially in the night or darkly lit areas
  • During an electricity breakout, to find your fuse box and switch it back on
  • Your personal DIY Projects
  • For campers who needs to find their stuff in the night
  • For the night fishing enthusiast for easy convenience in setting-up their baits and rod
  • When you fire up the grill for some night time bbq
  • Up to your imagination and creativity to how else you could use this utility glove!

The LED Light Glove is durable, waterproof, and breathable. 

Easy to wear and operate, so you wouldn't have to scratch your head figuring out how to use it.

Available for both right-handers and lefties.

For every tool guy, it is a must-have in your tool box

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Type: Utility Glove
Material: Spandex and Cotton
Weight: 20g
Feature: Replacable Battery
Package Includes: 1x LED Light Glove, 1x FREE Portable 8 in 1 Pen-style Precision Screwdriver