iRIG© - Smartphone Camera Rig

Film Blockbuster Movie Quality Videos From Your Own Phone

Every single year, multiple phones are being released into the market and they have one thing in common...

A Better Camera! 

Video recording has become part of our life. Be it capturing precious moments with our friends, family and loved ones, making travel videos, or even Vlogging. It's all extremely important to all of us. 

But, filming a quality video with a smartphone had never been easy. The videos always end up shaky and wobbly... UNTIL NOW

Be able to focus the phone steadily without shaking and record a perfect video 

Notice the difference: 

The iRIG© Smartphone camera rig will help you to create a perfect video that by being steady and unshaken. It has extra spaces wherein you can attach a zooming lens and a microphone for better audio.

It has a perfect lock that won't damage your phones yet it will securely hold it without a chance of accidentally falling. Perfect to be used for your travel videos, family videos and live streams. Be able to create short films that will surely have a perfect high definition, keeping memories and precious moments forever in Movie Quality.


  • Be Able to Capture Perfect Video - This tool will help you to create the best video using your phone. It will keep your phone steady.
  • Mountable Space for Mike, Lens & Lighting - Extra space above and below to be able to mount the extra accessories.
  • Perfect for Travels, Film Making & Vlogs - You'll be able to capture better videos on your travels that you can treasure for life. Perfect for creating short films that could trend on different online platforms. 
  • Secure Locks - 100% Safe, it will hold your phone perfectly without having it squeezed too tight

This tool will help you to create a better quality video that you can enjoy and share to the world.

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