Hidden Constellations Zodiac Mug

Enjoy The Stars over A Hot Cup


Who said you only had to enjoy the stars in the sky? This amazing constellation mug lets you enjoy all the constellations from the comfort of your own home


Patent-pending heat transfer for the Brightest, Best looking Star graphics possible.Once the temperature cools down the stars disappear.


Perfect for all hot beverages including Hot tea, Coffee, Boiling Water, Etc. No special instructions needed.


Perfect gift idea for all Star lovers, Astronomers, Astrologers, Or anyone who just want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This mug is a special cup that anyone can enjoy.



Microwave Safe - Hassle free and no special attention needed to pop this bad boy in the microwave. Works perfectly before using the microwave and works perfectly after using the microwave


Bright Graphics - All 11 of the brightest and most beautiful constellations all from a mug. Enjoy watching the stars in your everyday life and not have to wait for the right time to watch them in the sky. Just simply fill up and the stars appear all the time every time.


Easy To Clean - This Mug is Hand wash only.Meaning you can wash safe and sound without scratching or messing up your mug. Just simply rinse and repeat and your good to go.