Hair Removing Washing Net

Say Goodbye To Linty Laundry!!!


This Lint and Pet Hair Filter removes dirt, pet hair and other residues left in the washing machine, off your clothing. Giving you the best looking, clean clothes and an all around better experience


The Filter has an inverted cone shape design that helps trap dirt and hair. Cleaning and removing lint in all those hard to clean areas much more precise and works on all fabrics.


Small and portable design that is Lightweight & Reusable for multiple loads and works wonders each and every time. Saving you money time & energy from going back to clean your washing machine because of hair/ Lint residue leftovers.



Safe For All Clothing - Lint and air Filter is safe to use on all types of laundry, including children's. This filter is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.


Reusable & Easy To Clean - Include the Lint and Pet Hair Filter with every load of laundry! When the load is complete, simply open the filter and remove dirt, hair, and rummage.


Cost Efficient - The Lint and Pet Hair Filter saves laundry soap, water and time! Allowing you to remove Lint and pet fur for a fraction of the cost.