Food Shredder Vegetable Spiralizer

The Fast & Easy Way To Enjoy Healthy Meals


Tired of slicing away for hours? This amazing veggie slicer gives you a more simpler and easy way to prepare and enjoy healthy delicious meals in no time,


Stainless steel blades that are built into this non-slip handheld device that allows you to make delicious noodles without using any dangerous knives and potentially cutting yourself.


Easy two step process that gets the job done way faster than your traditional slicer. Simply push and twist and before you know it your food is prepared in minutes!.Saving you time in the kitchen so you can spend more time enjoying your day.



Super Easy To Use- Saving you hours of time and not have to slice away for hours. Beginner friendly and completely safe to use. Can slice anything with ease such as Zucchini,Onions, Squash, Cucumbers, And many more..


Easy Wash- Makes it a breeze to wash out. Simply take a quick rinse through and ready to use , Easy to disassemble so you can wash thoroughly and not have to wash out a huge pile of dishes


Portable- Small enough to carry with you anywhere you go. In case your in a quick hurry and wanted to slice up some food while you're out you can do just that. Lightweight and easy to carry around and have at your earliest convenience all the time