Flower Jelly Lipstick

This Flower Jelly Lipstick Is Going Viral For All the Right Reasons

They're selling out just as fast as Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits

All my lipstick lovers, listen up: You're about to fall head over heels in love with this lipstick because it's pure magic. This clear lipstick is infused with jelly, gold or silver specks which are now replaced by fully transparent speck, and a tiny flower placed right in the center. It's basically the glass-encased rose from Beauty and the Beast, the lipstick of your dreams, and it's taking Instagram by storm.

Here's why you need this lipstick now:
  • It's mesmerizing to look at and makes for a beautiful facebook picture or selfie! 
  • It imparts a glossy pink tint to your lips that changes colors depending on your body temperature. 

"Just so gorgeous, and the color on my lips is surprisingly bright/vibrant. Love it!" 
★★★★★ Mary T., NY

"My favorite lipstick, thank you AmyandRose!" 
★★★★★ Erica R., TX

"I bought 3 and I've never been happier about a purchase. Much prettier in person, too." 
 Tia B., FA

"Omg I love the flower inside, and I get so many compliments. Thank you!!"
★★★★★ Sam C., CA

4 Unexpected Perks to Wearing Lipstick:

  1. Confidence. Who doesn't feel exponentially sexier after a swipe of lipstick? Answer: no one.
  2. Lipstick can make your lips appear fuller. But the mouth isn't the only facial feature it helps to define. A pop of color on the bottom of your face makes the pop of color on top—your eyes—look bigger and more defined.
  3. Posture. Surprising, right? Studies have shown that women who regularly wear lipstick have better posture than those who don't. A study by L'Oreal revealed that the (albeit, small) act of "stretching" to put on lipstick improves balance and coordination, and thereby makes you stand taller.
  4. Swiping on lip color is the easiest (and quickest) way to look put-together sans foundation, mascara, eyeliner, et al. Less prep time in the morning is always much appreciated.