Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Microfiber Cleaning Brush

  • Thorough Glasses Cleaning - Give your glasses the thorough cleaning your eyes deserve with this microfiber cleaning tool. Don't mess with cleaning cloths that only accomplish half the job!
  • Won't Hurt Glasses - The microfiber is smooth and gentle, ensuring that it won't cause any damage to the glass of your sunglasses or glasses.
  • Looks Neat - This looks way cooler than a cleaning cloth, doesn't it?
  • Carry It Anywhere - Small enough to fit in a bag or your pocket! This tool can fit in with the other things you keep on you daily.
  • Random - Feel the thrill of receiving a random color! 
  • Size - Approximately 2.75" x .8" x .8"
  • Great Deal - Because we understand that it is easy to misplace the brush, we recommend ordering more to keep them in different places such as in the bedroom, in the car and in your bag. Buy them in bulk to SAVE with big discounts!