Double Roller Kitchen Organizer

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"I bought several of these for spices, arranged them alphabetically and I love not having to search for what I need. They work great and my cupboard looks so much better."



LARGE - 30cm X 16cm X 10cm (SAVE 32%)

  • Save Time and Energy

How much time do you waste looking for right spice or cleaning product? Using this unique organizer is sure to cut the search time in half! Once you need something, just turn the turntable and it’s right there. With such easy access, it makes cooking, cleaning, organizing and everyday living that much easier!

  • Convert that Unused Space

Deep cabinets and under the sink space can now be made into useful storage areas. Stacking shelf tiers is extremely simple. Stack them, and you’ll be able to save much more space!

  • Bring Organization to Your Home

This ogranizer is perfect for all your storage and organization needs and is a great addition to any home, office or classroom. Good for spices, medications, makeup, cans, condiments and any toiletries you may have.


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Material: Plastic
Specification: 30*16*10cm
Usage: Spices & Condiments, Beverages, Canned food for humans and animals, Cleaning agents, Cosmetics