Bright Alert™️ - Self Defence Alarm Keychain

 Keep Help Within Arms Reach With The Bright Alert™️- The Alarm That Keeps Help On Your Side Even When You're Home Alone


 When you're all by yourself and have no one to call?.Or what about when you're threatened by an attacker and there's no one around to help you? One incident can easily turn into a life or death situation in the blink of an eye. Luckily we created the Bright Alert™️ to ensure safety and get help much faster even when there's no one around.


Equipped with a safety pin to pull that sounds off over 120 dB of continuous loud sirens that anyone can hear from miles away. Scaring away any potential attackers and alerting everyone close where you are.


 Compact design with an LED light attached to it for bright time illumination. Which means not only the Bright Alert saves your life by signaling it also helps you easily navigate your way through the night time or in any areas that aren't well lit.


Multi-purpose use makes it easy for all walks of life to carry and be safe. From parents to children and the elderly. All the way down to joggers and hikers when they're in the woods. The Bright Alert ensures that you and everyone around you are safe and sound.


 Luckily with the years and years of rigorous research and development, we were able to create the Bright Alert™️ to help serve you as your emergency expert. Millions of customers worldwide write us back constantly telling us how much the Bright Alert has helped make there lives easier for themselves and everyone around them. Get yours today so you won't be another goner.





Easy To Use- Simply pull the safety pin and then the Bright Alert will send off a shrieking loud single that alerts the nearest person or scare any harmful attackers away from you. Giving you enough time to send off signals before it's too late.


Convenient & Reliable- Portable and compact design that can easily be hidden in disguise and no one will never notice. Can be placed on a key chain, on a backpack or even on a necklace. Allowing you to get easy access to it in case of danger.


Safe At All Times- Whether you're out and about, on a hiking trip or even on the side of the road with your car broken down. Bright Alert™️ goes with you everywhere you go so your safe at any location all times of the day.


Portable & Multi-Use- Can use this for yourself, the safety of your kids when they leave out the door, or even for the elderly in case of an emergency. The Bright Alert™️ works hard to keep you and all of your loved ones safe 24/7 365.


Our Guarantee-  if for any reason that you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money no questions asked.