Booster Bag™ 2-in-1 Baby Diaper Bag Booster Seat

New parents cannot believe how much convenience this bag brings them  

 All parents can relate that carrying baby bags around could be burdensome at times, especially when the bag is heavy and bulky. 

Bringing a baby out means the parent would need to bring along the essential items like diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, bottles, snacks, sippy cup, and even a booster seat.  
Every parent would have experienced a time like this
94.3% of New American Parents were surprised at how this bag made their lives more convenient when it came to packing the baby bag and bringing it out.
Imagine packing ALL of the baby items you need into a bag and including a booster chair!

 Introducing the life-changing bag for all new parents, the Booster Bag™ 2-in-1 Baby Diaper Bag Booster Seat.
Being a multi-function bag, Booster Bag™ can be used as a nappy bag and also a booster seat for your child. 
With its multi-pocket and large capacity design, parents can now fit all essential items into just one bag. Imagine saving all the trouble of bringing 2-3 bags along when going out with your child!

With its innovative design, Booster Bag™ is also a booster seat for your child.

Made of a strong and stable internal frame, it can hold up to 22kgs / 50 lbs. Adjustable safety belt with T-restraint to help hold your child securely. Straps and reinforced clips hold your child in securely while they are sitting on the Booster Seat. 

How to use the Booster Seat
Set up the Booster Seat in 7 quick and simple steps:
The Booster Bag™ is
  • MADE of a super high-quality waterproof fabric built to handle
  • DESIGNED TO FIT most standard chairs with adjustable straps attach to almost all four-legged chairs
  • 3-POINT SAFETY HARNESS, to keep your child safe, more compact and discreet