Calmie™ - Automatic Rolling Furball Toy

The Magic Ball That Keeps Your Pets Happy


This amazing Roller ball toy is a simple yet effective way to keep your dog occupied without you having to spend every waking hour trying to entertain them. 


Soft plush materials that are safe & Less harmful to your pets so that they can play for hours without being in any sort of danger.


Built-in cross control configuration that randomly rolls the ball in different movements to keep hold your dog's attention and keep them steadily busy for hours. So after a long day of being stressed out and you just want to relax. Just bring out this magic ball and you're good to go.


It's multi-use not only helps keep your dogs attention. It also helps clean up any small, Dusty particles off of the floor in those hard to reach areas. A cleaner and a do entertainer...... A true win/win



Fun - Keeps your dog engaged, Interested, And less likely from engaging in any bad, Destructive behaviors out of boredom. Keeps them guessing what direction to go in and wears them out. So if you have a hyper breed. This will help get them tired quicker and keep you from cleaning up a huge mess.


Energy Saver- Saves you so much time in the evening from playing with them. Especially after having a long day sometimes all we want to do is just sit back and relax. With the Magic Ball, you get the chance to do that Hassle free


Battery Operated- No special chargers/Cables needed. This Amazing fun and interactional tool can operate for Days even weeks off of just ONE AA battery. So you don't have to charge every time it runs out of juice. Just simply place one battery inside of it and you're all set